About Us

Our story, our mission, and our values


Hayes Field Services was founded in 2007 as an inspection services division of BHI, a drafting and design firm with over 25 years experience in refining and transportation. From our small, initial team of safety inspectors, we have expanded significantly, mobilizing hundreds of contract inspectors, construction managers, and support personnel to projects across the United States and throughout the supply chain.

At the same time, our training and education programs have flourished. The safety and quality management courses that supported our initial inspection team have developed into an industry-leading training and compliance program, supporting thousands of personnel and a wide range of clients, from small maintenance contractors to major integrated oil companies.

Our mission is to proudly develop, support, and steward people who elevate safety and quality for our world's energy industry.

Our Values


The protection of people, communities, and the environment is our highest calling. Our company strives to select, develop, and recognize people who safely improve the world around them.


Integrity is at the heart of our mission. Honesty, sincerity, and fairness are essential to cultivating trust in our professional relationships--our company’s most important assets.


Realising our potential requires clear, focused, and responsive dialogue along every link in our chain of communication. We strive for a culture that is open and receptive, where everyone is treated with respect.


Honorably serving customer needs while using less resources is the key to creating value for our customers, sustaining competitive advantage, and securing a bright future for our company and our families.


We are a learning organization. Our commitment to creating, acquiring, and sharing knowledge fosters personal growth and ensures our company’s agility in a changing marketplace.